Why we exist.

Young people (18-35) are more likely than their older counterparts to volunteer, take part in a protest or sign a petition. We're more likely to choose a job role or employer based on its alignment with our values than our parents or grandparents were. And we're more likely to give our money away (who needs a house deposit, anyway?).

But we're also demanding.

We want to see the impact our donations have, and to know who we've helped. We want to make supporting social causes a part of our everyday lives. We want to tackle issues that are important to us and we want to feel connected to the organisations we support. All that is why YFN exists. We raise a small amount of money from a bunch of passionate young people in a room and turn it into something much bigger.

via Fat Macy's

via Fat Macy's

Something like Fat Macy's, a London supper club and social enterprise that offers hands-on training in hospitality and cooking skills for young Londoners living in temporary housing. We helped fund Fat Macy's in 2016 as part of our Crowdbacker nights held for Year Here graduates and this month they have announced, thanks to further crowd-funding online, they will be opening a Fat Macy's HQ in Peckham which will comprise not just a restaurant and training facilities, but will also be a local hub for social enterprises.

We hope that our new website will help you to understand what we do and inspire you to come along to our events. And speaking of events, we've got a few coming up - the next one is 14 November at Wieden+Kennedy in East London where we'll be showcasing three brilliant local projects working to tackle unemployment, make the world a greener place, and support vulnerable women. You only need £10 to get involved. Check out our Events page to find out more.